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Cabin crew offering services will now be replaced by IFE Platform

Digital technology vs traditional airlines

"Full service" traditional airlines

Last week, I was coming back from Italy on a low-cost airliner. In a number of ways, this company was just as good, in terms of passenger experience, as the so-called “full-service” traditional airlines. But, it does not seem to be touched by digital technology yet.

The on-board sale of sandwiches, beverages, and candy drew to a close. And then began a particularly trying ordeal for a member of the crew: selling passengers perfumes and fashion goods, while explaining  that this was considerably cheaper than the duty-free shop… And that’s not all! Such-and-such, a watch comes with a five-year warranty directly from the airline, blah, blah, blah…

The rise of onboard

After a hesitant (and, in the end, unconvincing) speech, I truly felt bad for this person. Mainly because I believe that cabin crew are there to ensure comfort, safety, and the passenger experience. However, she was obliged to go through the motions of this sales pitch worthy of a street peddler! In the matter of fact, it can be done via the IFE portal thanks to the rise of on-board connectivity!

I honestly felt like taking down the flight attendant’s name and writing to the company to attest to the effort deployed by this individual, who is innately unsuited to sales. And what is there to say about the more traditional companies, with their carts pushed down the aisle to sell duty-free goods, the same way cinema ushers used to sell ice cream back when we were kids?

Digital Technology

Fortunately, certain companies understand. They have brought in the power of digital technology and offer passengers the opportunity to place orders directly on their entertainment systems for items presented just as well as on a website, made more attractive by one deal or another, and delivered either directly on board the flight – or, even better, to their homes!

It is now possible to fit out an airplane with a WiFi portal to which passengers can connect with their own smartphone or tablet, or even on a seatback screen, offering also additional revenues from the products & services promotion through native advertising, on the top of onboard sales…

I also wanted to tell that crew member, “Hang in there, in a few months you’ll once again be able to concentrate on the profession in which you excel: the passenger experience!”

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