From ancillary revenues to cost savings

Flexible architecture for a perfect fit

One size does not fit all your project stages or expectations. From battery powered box to installed (fitted) wireless IFE, our tech and business teams carefully source, trial and select the best hardware platforms available on the market, and make sure our offer can grow with your expectations.

Standalone Box - Battery Powered


Perfect for a trial or a small fleet

Standalone Box - Aircraft Powered

Cost effective

for medium size fleets

Installed ("Fitted") Box


Once installed, just enjoy it!

Leverage direct and indirect monetization

To ensure a maximum monetization, our team support you in building the strategic plan that will drive audience to your platform. Once achieved, benefit from the wide range of monetization levers offered by our onboard software.

Marketing & Communication Plan

Make sure to maximize your passenger engagement

Seat & meal inflight upgrade

Organize inflight auctions

Digital Inflight Advertising

Open an unmatched revenue generator

Frequent Flyer Enrollment

Increase your impact

Onboard Shopping Experience

Your IFE becomes a comprehensive market place

And so much more...

Let us surprise you!

Save Costs

Your onboard server is also a perfect lever to significantly reduce operating costs, far beyond the content update process.

Reduce turn around operations

Optimize your catering and maintenance ops

Centralize your Digital Content Management

whatever the output

web, mobile, seatback screen, IFC, wifi-IFE, Digital Signage

Spare your bandwidth

And use it for its very purpose

Leverage the pre- and post-flight opportunities

Reach and engage your passengers throughout the entire journey and offer them a seamless experience from the moment they have bought their tickets to their arrival at destination. There are so many touch points that you can activate thanks to #PX2GO

Your airline website

From inspiration stage to journey preparation

Your Lounges' WiFi

Trigger seamless entertainment and sought-after services

Lounges & boarding gates

The seamless journey goes on

Your mobile app

The passenger's Companion App

Your mobile app

Backbone of the seamless journey