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Outsmarting IFEC solution

Embark on a journey of innovation with SkyVerse, PXCom's revolutionary Wireless Inflight Entertainment & Inflight Connectivity software platform. Redefine your in-flight entertainment experience, SkyVerse boasts unparalleled design functionality, surpassing all legacy IFEC systems.

SkyVerse features:

⦁ Flexible GUI
⦁ AI Chatbot
⦁ Multi Onboard Retail
⦁ XM (eXperience Management) Connect experience
⦁ CRM Connnect

SkyVerse - IFE Platform
woman on phone in plane
woman on phone in plane
Optimise your WiFi IFE costs
Monetize your platform

Delight your passengers
Wireless IFE

Take your Wireless Inflight Entertainment product to the next level.

PXCom is committed to supporting Airlines in all their Wireless Inflight Entertainment project stages. With our years of experience & expertise coupled with top-tier global partners, we provide a comprehensive one-stop-solution service, managing crucial aspects of your onboard platform.

Soar high with PXCom’s WiFi IFE Solution – SkyVerse!


From cost center to profit generation, get the best out of your onboard server.

Experts in all Inflight Entertainment (IFE) systems on the market, we provide turn-key solutions at any stage of your onboard entertainment project.

Source: AIRBUS

*Airspace Link is the new brand name for Airbus’ Open Software Platform (OSP), based on ALNA/KID SYSTEME

Airbus AirspaceLink*

Your linefit Digital Inflight Platform

Airspace Link is Airbus’ linefit & retrofit inflight backbone enabling a comprehensive set of digital services onboard.

⦁ As an official Airspace Link integrator, 100% of PXCom cutting edge solutions are available on this platform, both for passengers & cabin crew.

⦁ In standard, thanks to Airspace Link, you can delight your passengers with a wireless IFE experience.

HBC Plus

Connectivity extension

⦁ InFlight Connectivity (IFC) Portal, the integration of your IFC Provider ensures a seamless experience between your connectivity offering and the available onboard digital services.

⦁ With PXCom solution, you are ensured to consume the bandwidth for its very purpose.

Inflight digitization

Improve your platform ROI

Remove printed items, save on related costs, introduce digital inflight advertising opportunities and engage your passengers, with a large portfolio of digital services encompassing:

⦁ Interactive destination guides & services
⦁ Digital meals menu cards
⦁ Digitized onboard shopping catalog
⦁ Health & Wellness experience
⦁ Digitized Inflight magazine

onboard passenger
onboard passenger
Enhance your seatback,
WiFi IFE and IFC

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