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Why to be digitally onboard?

Passengers have 3 precious values for your marketing goals: Time, Attention and Budget.

Be part of their choices and experiences through their own mobile devices, seatback screens or the existing IFE (Inflight Entertainment Systems).


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Populate your moving map with World of PXPoint

Gone is the time when airlines passengers' eyes were stucked on the tiny aircraft flying over the continents, with a basic goal: countdown the hours before landing. Most of them can now enjoy interactive moving maps, browsing and zooming just like on Google Earth...

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Xplore and AirSAS onboard Tarom

Tarom has equipped 8 aircraft with AirFi boxes, a w-IFE entertainment platform. Domestic and international travelers will be able to connect with their own device during their flight to an onboard server providing them with legacy inflight entertaining contents...

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