PXCom stands for Passengers’ eXperience and Communication

Local representations:
Europe, Middle East, Americas
Foundation date : 2013
Equipped aircraft: 300+

Beyond entertainment, providing a full range of Inflight Digital Services

Expert in all IFE systems on the market, PXCom brings customized answers to airline needs, expectations and budget for their inflight services project.

PXCom is committed to supporting its customers in all stages of their IFE/C project. Thanks to our internal savvy combined with all the best-in-class partners in the world, they benefit from one-stop-shop service offering, where we will take care of the most crucial elements of IFE/C from definition to daily management.

Through PXCom’s onboard digital solutions, compliant with all existing hardware platforms, airlines optimize their cost, generate ancillary revenues whilst elevating their passengers experience.

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