Blueair Airline flying over a beautiful sunset.

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From a physical experience to a phygital one, thanks to your wifi-IFE platform

Improved IFE/C benefits

Last month, I took a flight with BlueAir and had the pleasure of flying on this airline because they care about their passengers. They obviously attach importance to the comfort of every passenger they have on the flight. 

In addition to my first positive impression of BlueAir, they caught my attention before landing at Milan Airport (Linate) by announcing their slogan “BLUE is the new BLACK“.

"Blue is the new black" campaign made by Blueair in which passengers who are dressed in blue will receive a voucher of 15euros.

Subsequently, the crew explained that passengers dressed in blue will receive a voucher worth 15€  which can be used for the next flight.

I was very impressed with the idea! It was a great idea, indeed, but if BlueAir had wifi-IFE, they could have been further. In fact, they can possibly organize an on-board photo competition where passengers dressed in blue take a selfie and upload it via the wifi-IFE server. Then, the marketing team moderates the best gathered photos after the flight, and organizes back an inflight vote that also can be done again through wifi-IFE. The winner can be announced on BlueAir’ social media and the prize can be claimed by email or on the BlueAir mobile app.

Similar operations can be setup in so many use cases. For example, an airline like Air Tahiti or Manta Air flies over paradisiacal places. Therefore, thety organize a photo contest from the plane, based on the same concept as what is said above.  

Thereby, your passenger will have a continuous experience, pre, in and post-flight

Furthermore, knowing the essence of gamification is very important! 

As it stimulates the engagement among the passengers and triggers the feeling of satisfaction while being selected. This results in a good experience, as great content leveraged by a personalized experience will definitely make your passenger’s journey fun and unforgettable.

It is recommended in order to increase brand awareness and to create extended periods of interaction with your passengers. In return, giving out rewards will surely ensure your passengers’ loyalty. 

Interested in improving your passenger’s experience across all physical and digital touchpoints?  Well, PXCom and its worldwide partners are ready to support you in all stages of your IFE/C project.

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