IVT-Free zone advertising onboard


In late 2015, the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) forecasted marketers would waste up to $7 billion, globally in 2016, on online advertisement. They buy online ads that people literally do not see. In fact, much of today’s digital ad fraud occurs because of IVT.

IVT-Free, What is it?

First of all, IVT (Invalid Traffic) is a non-human traffic that receives advertising impressions paid for by the advertiser. So, in reality a human never sees the advertisement they put their money on. As a result they lose impact for a campaign, IVT also undermines all its KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).


Moreover, according to ComScore’s survey, more than a half of digital ads in the world won’t be seen by their target. For instance, IAB’s high impact formats such as Wallpapers or Rising Star are not always adapted to the end-user’s screen by the designers. This generates thousands of non-viewable use cases.


Furthermore, with the rise of inflight digital advertising, such questions often raise in the discussions. Since inflight ad-serving solutions remain disconnected from the internet. Consequently, the tools developed by companies such as ComScore or Integral AdScience become useless.


On the other hand, IVT and Non-viewable issues cannot be encountered when it comes to digital inflight advertising. Mostly because the supply chain is far more simple than for web & mobile, from the brand to the passenger. Such topic is so innovative that only a fistful of players operates that market. For example, IMM International, the world leading media sales agency for inflight advertising has created a digital-dedicated subsidiary called IMD. It is designed in order to help brands and media agencies in making their first steps into digital inflight advertising.


Jean-Marc CHEVASSUS, IMD’s managing director explains: “Unlike web & mobile campaigns, digital inflight advertising offers brands an unmatched impact due to the quality of the targeted audience and the exposure time. Thanks to our AirSAS ad-serving solution, we can guarantee visibility while avoiding all legacy related issues, such as ad-blocking, IVT, and format mismatch.

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