Condor is a scheduled holiday airline with a fleet of A330s and A32X. They selected PXCom to develop & Integrate FlyConnect for their entire fleet.

Touch points

Inflight Connectivity Portal


Premium passenger portal

Advertising capabilities

Banners, Preroll videos

Passenger engagement

Connectivity onboard offering + High-end surveys


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Head of IT Commercial Systems

PXCom is a disruptive company that breaks boundaries of classic IFE systems and connectivity portals. A win win I would say.

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The expectations were to develop and setup a single FlyConnect platform with across the fleet and different equipments:

– Variations between long haul and short & medium haul flight experiences.

– Deep integration with the operator IT and marketing systems.


Based on its PXFly open platform, and on Condor designs, PXCom adapted its backend component, and developed most the front end modules in full sync with Condor’s IT team. In addition, a bunch of APIs have been implemented to deliver D+1 content update such as Digital Press, Condor Blog…without consuming the satellite bandwidth.


FlyConnect was rolled out on both aircraft types – as a result Condor with the help of PXCom achieved:

– A flexible management of two different portals with a consistent single design system (GUI), common features and specific features.

– Deep integration with Condor IT System: Blog feed, Qualtrics Survey management and so on.

– Besides data plans offered to passengers, the inflight connectivity is leveraged for its very purpose: real time destination related information and activities booking.

– Common groundworks for comprehensive ancillary revenue opportunities: advertising, onboard retail, etc.

– Technical roadmap for both IP and know-how transfer.

– Truly open platform to enable third party apps providers.

A successful integration of Viasat and Intelsat was achieved by PXCom.