XPlore by PXCom is a perfect solution, a one-click solution, for the LOT Polish fleet of B787 to experience an end-to-end solution for its destination, corporate, and onboard meals services sections.

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Michal Zawada

(2020) IFE Manager

“The application meets my expectations and really expands possibilities of our IFE system. Big thanks to PXCom and its incredible team”

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The Airline wanted to digitize its meal menu cards and integrate them as an interactive app available on their IFE seatback screen. The function of the app was to display the accurate catered menu, and beverage offering according to the passengers’ seat class, aircraft route, and the GUI language. Due to the massive network operations what was required was a fully automated process.


PXCom introduced LOT Polish Airlines to XPlore by PXCom platform which was a perfect match for the Airline’s current requirements with a scalability option for its future requirements. XPlore not only accommodated all the requirements, natively enabling centralized content management for all three sections, but has opened up a whole new list of opportunities for LOT Polish. Native advertising feature is also managed through this unique entry point.


A tailored solution for the meal menus where the caterer provides an Excel sheet description of the menu cards monthly. Currently, the Excel sheet is automatically uploaded to the back-office to update the content aimed at being onboarded, then the in-flight app content is automatically updated through the Content Media Update. The next step, once the caterer is ready, is to set up an API between the caterer’s IT system and PXCom’s back-office to fully automate the process.