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10 years of unparalleled experience in the customer engagement projects has helped PXCom in building strong expertise and a track record of working with our Airline customers in selecting partners delivering even more value to our in-flight engagement projects.
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Aircraft Engineering

Aircraft modifications - from Flightdeck to Cabin

Whether you seek to enhance your cabin interior or align your cockpit with the latest aviation standards, PMV Groupe is your trusted partner. PMV Group's EASA approved Design Organisation (21J.487) ensures that we deliver cost- and time-optimized solutions, covering everything from minor changes to Supplemental Type Certifications (STCs), all while adhering to the latest global aviation airworthiness requirements. Elevate your aircraft experience with PMV Groupe's comprehensive modifications. Trust in our EASA approved Design Organisation to deliver cost- and time-optimized solutions that seamlessly integrate the latest aviation standards into your cabin and flightdeck.

Aircraft Liveries

Pioneering Aero-Tech Solutions

LXM Aero GmbH is not just an aero-tech company; they are pioneers in crafting innovative solutions for the aviation industry. From elevating aircraft aesthetics to ensuring seamless connectivity and embracing digital advancements, LXM Aero is your trusted partner in pushing the boundaries of aero-tech possibilities.

Catering Management & Onboard Retail

Streamlining Onboard Retail for Enhanced Ancillary Revenue

Unlock the potential of Forthcode's nGO Platform, a cloud-hosted SaaS solution revolutionizing Operations, Inventory, and Onboard Sales for airlines. Easily configurable to meet the needs of management and crew, nGO is the integrated platform of choice for Airlines seeking to optimize ancillary revenue streams.

Elevating Travel Retail Excellence

Tourvest Retail Services (TRS), a distinguished division of the Tourvest Group, has been a leading player in the travel retail sector since its establishment in 1999. With a core focus on retail food & beverage and duty-free products, TRS serves both B2B and B2C customers through a variety of channels, including on-board, in-store, home delivery, and an integrated omni-channel e-commerce experience.


Communication experts

Through this partnership with the communications consulting agency Valorus, we are integrating all their expertise in design and customer journeys to improve the visual comfort and fluidity of use of our platform to offer your passengers inspiring and impactful moments.

Content Service Provider

Unparalleled expertise dedicated to passenger entertainment

With 40 years of dedicated expertise, FVS Entertainment stands as a global leader and pioneer in content provision for all entertainment platforms. FVS offers a comprehensive suite of services, covering content, technical aspects, logistics, and maintenance for your In-Flight Entertainment (IFE). Elevate your passenger experience with tailored solutions, customized to meet your unique needs.

Customer Journey

Enhancing the understanding and implementation of CX for passengers

Through this partnership, we aim to provide our clients with access to CX Unraveled's training sessions, consultancy, and tools, enriching their ability to create exceptional experiences for passengers.


Elevating Connectivity: Astronics CSC and PDT

Astronics CSC stands as the preeminent provider of inflight entertainment connectivity (IFEC) hardware globally, serving the aerospace industry and other highly regulated sectors. Astronics track record includes shipping over 16,000 LRUs, featuring our Summit line of IFEC system hardware and tailor-made solutions. With an extensive portfolio of global STCs for aircraft installations and modifications, we specialize in delivering systems certification and installation solutions that empower our clients to execute efficient upgrade programs.

aWAP Range: Elevating Aerospace Connectivity

ECA Group introduces the aWAP / Wireless Access Point, an innovative all-in-one Server and Wireless Access Point Combination designed specifically for aerospace applications. ECA Group's aWAP range is at the forefront of wireless technology, redefining aerospace connectivity. It empowers operators with a wide array of services and provides passengers with unmatched entertainment options, all while optimizing the Wi-Fi experience.

Kontron Portable Cab-n-Connect™ P100: Unleashing In-Flight Entertainment Flexibility

Introducing the Kontron Portable Cab-n-Connect™ P100, a robust wireless streaming platform designed to cater to your unique In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) requirements. This powerful system combines flexibility with cutting-edge features to enhance the passenger experience. The Kontron Portable Cab-n-Connect™ P100 is more than a streaming platform; it's a revolution in in-flight entertainment. Elevate your passengers' experience with the flexibility, power, and versatility of the P100, setting a new standard for IFE solutions.

PortaStream - Elevating InFlight Entertainment (IFE) Experience

TEAC, a Tokyo-based audio company with a remarkable 70-year history, stands as a powerhouse in both premium high-end audio and professional audio industries. Beyond audio, TEAC takes a leap into specialized device development, including Instrumentation Recorder, Medical Recorder, and IFE server. At its core, TEAC is driven by technology, with a relentless focus on achieving excellence in "Hi Spec Recording and Playback Technology." One shining product of TEAC's technological prowess is PortaStream, a portable in-flight server born from 25 years of IFE experience. PortaStream, in collaboration with PXCom, enhances the onboard experience by offering robust and reliable hardware. What sets PortaStream apart is its commitment to passenger satisfaction, translating into ultimate airline contentment.

Inflight Advertising

Elevating the passenger experience through cutting-edge inflight media solutions

IMM International is a 40-year old company specializes in curating and distributing advertising campaigns for Inflight touchpoints, encompassing magazines, pre-roll videos, banners, and more. Over its distinguished tenure, IMM International has successfully cultivated an expansive global network of advertising sales agencies, solidifying its position as a leading authority in the Inflight advertising industry.

Elevating Inflight Advertising with Digital Precision

PXCom is proud to be a member of the IMD-NL advertising marketplace. Let’s revolutionize In-Flight advertising together. Join our Flight! Together we can grow our marketplace to the benefit of all parties involved: airlines, integrators and advertisers. As each airline and partner decide to participate in our marketplace, it becomes more valuable to advertisers – and therefore more valuable to airlines and partners.

Inflight Connectivity

Redefining the landscape of airborne connectivity

In partnership with LeoSat Solutions, PXCom is on the forefront of redefining the possibilities of airborne connectivity. As we merge experience with innovation, we invite you to join us on a journey where disruptive thinking and customer-centric solutions shape the future of in-flight connectivity.

PSS - Passenger Service System

ameliaRES Passenger Service System: Unleashing Innovation in Aviation

Introducing ameliaRES, the world's first 100% Cloud-Based Open Major Passenger Service System (PSS). Whether you're an established airline looking to upgrade outdated systems or a startup seeking an initial solution, ameliaRES provides your airline with scalable tools for creating, testing, and deploying new ideas, propelling you ahead of the competition. ameliaRES Passenger Service System is not just a technological solution; it's a catalyst for innovation. Choose ameliaRES to revolutionize your airline's capabilities, driving efficiency, and ensuring you're always one step ahead in the ever-evolving aviation industry.

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