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Wireless Inflight Entertainment Experience

To match your expectations and requirements for Wireless Inflight Entertainment, the perfect recipe entails a reliable and flexible platform, complemented by expert solutions in their domain. Our commitment is to provide you with an integrated Wireless Inflight Entertainment platform tailored precisely to your needs.

Inflight Entertainment Hardware_Box
Inflight Entertainment Hardwares
Inflight Entertainment Hardware_Box

Reliability & Flexibility

Our lab carefully selects the best available servers from the market, with MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure) exceeding 25,000 flights. Our software is designed by embedded systems engineers, offering our airline customers an unmatched scope of personalization at their fingertips. When needed, our DOA/POA partners are involved for the aircraft Service Bulletin (SB), installation kit and installation support.

Unforgettable User Experience

Our Graphic User Interface (GUI), curated by UX experts, spans from standard to premium to fully customized options, constantly evolving to incorporate the latest UX trends.

Engaging & Seamless GUI
Inflight Entertainment Content
Inflight Entertainment Media Content
Inflight Entertainment Content

Engaging Content

For your project, we handpick the ideal Content Service Provider and support you in crafting a compelling content strategy to delight your passengers.

Onboard Retail

Whether you’re upgrading to a next-gen solution or already have an onboard retail system in place, PXCom’s 100% API-based platform ensures a seamless order-to-seat experience.

Onboard retail that enhances inflight passenger experience
Seamless Inflight Retail
Onboard retail that enhances inflight passenger experience

Source: Forthcode

Inflight Digital Advertising

PXCom and its partners have pioneered digital inflight advertising by creating AirSAS the first independent advertising engine of the market. Beyond an appraised technology, you benefit from advertising sales expertise for an increased monetization of your ad spaces.

Beyond legacy experience

Elevate your digital inflight experience to new heights with SkyVerse by PXCom.

Inflight Entertainment

Thanks to our partnerships with best-in-class content providers, you benefit from the largest portfolio of content from worldwide blockbusters to local production. Our expertise combined with daily gathered analytics ensures the best match to your expectations, your passengers’ as well as your constraints.

Onboard Shopping

Digitize your onboard shopping experience, from products’ highlighting, to its delivery: a la place, airport or hotel collect, or home delivery. Stage your project from onboard snacks & drinks to duty-free to a comprehensive marketplace. Add pre- and post-flight touchpoints for maximum engagement.

Destination Services

Extend the reach of your services by offering your passengers an engaging interactive destination section powered by in-destination activities & services purchasing…at every touchpoint of their journey.

Safety & Hygiene First

PRAM are of course part of our standard offering, they can be used for safety instructions, but also for all your hygiene recommendations. You can also rely on your onboard server to offer an interactive digital experience for all your printed seat-back items, and even organize In-Cabin mobility management to optimize social distancing.

Pre- & Post-Flight

PX2GO is a unique platform delivering a consistent and seamless experience from the moment your passengers have bought their tickets to their arrival at destination, delivering the right digital service in the perfect context.

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