TAROM was able to enhance its passengers' experience while opening up new ancillary revenue streams, fleet-wide, using XPlore by PXCom.

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Stefan Sebanescu

Head of media sales

“PXCom solution represents a great experience for passengers and an added value to Tarom’s image and services. Destination guides provide comprehensive information for pax, but also is a space where hotels, bars & restaurants, travel agencies, etc, can be promoted. Having the ad-server “behind” the scenes makes our work very easy”

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The Airline wanted to upgrade its destination services platform on its wireless IFE system while exploring an ancillary revenue solution that can be deployed across its fleet which can help it leverage inflight advertising.


TAROM launched XPlore by PXCom, a system-agnostic solution that combines a wide variety of destination services listings and AirSAS, its digital inflight ad serving solution. This platform within its ecosystem further allows the airline to enhance its passengers’ experience and the ancillary revenue streams. The content for Tarom’s network of destinations is sourced and provided by PXCom. The solution is designed to allow the airline to maintain consistency in the GUI integration and offer flexibility & autonomy in its advertising campaign creation and management.


XPlore by PXCom did not only meet but has exceeded Tarom’s expectations, allowing the airline to discover & develop new ancillary revenue streams, further enhance its onboard experience, and get the most out of its inflight entertainment system. Thanks to PXCom technology’s scalability, it is possible to introduce further functionalities and features in the ad-serving solution and destination services with ease.