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SkyVerse: Inflight Chatbot-Popup

Revolutionizing In-Flight Entertainment and Connectivity

SkyVerse stands as PXCom's pinnacle Wireless IFE/IFC software platform, outsmarting all legacy IFEC systems with its innovative design and capabilities. Prepare to captivate your passengers with the industry's inaugural standalone in-flight chatbot and hyper-personalization features.

Our baseline offering includes comprehensive GUI flexibility, seamless integration with existing onboard retail solutions, and remote server management for complete over-the-air monitoring (OTA) and updating capabilities.

Flexible GUI

Update your GUI in a few clicks

Thanks to PXCom’s unique technology and design. Change colors, logos, languages, backgrounds, create and arrange sections, and much more just in a couple of easy steps. Thanks to this unmatched flexibility, our inflight portal seamlessly adapts to your daily marketing strategy, transforming into a dynamic digital touchpoint.

AI Chatbot

Engage passengers seamlessly

Prepare to amaze your passengers as you elevate engagement to new heights. With interactive conversations and live personalized recommendations, passengers will be astonished by the level of engagement. What's more, their conversation can seamlessly resume on their next flight, ensuring a seamless and unforgettable journey.

Wireless Inflight Entertainment Chatbot on passenger device
ATR Wireless Inflight Entertainment Survey by PXCom
Qualtrics Experience Management tool
XM Connect

Enhance passenger experience

Transform your IFEC platform into an invaluable touchpoint for survey management. Seamlessly engage with passengers and gather feedback directly from your preferred XM Tool, whether it's Qualtrics, Pisano, or any other platform. With PXCom, collecting valuable insights is as simple as managing a dedicated website or mobile app, empowering you to enhance the passenger experience and make informed decisions.


Pre-flight, in-flight & post-flight experience

Personalisation from on-the-ground to in-flight, without the need of a mobile app. Your passengers can enjoy the content even before their flight, resume as soon as they are onboard, and finish after arriving at the destination. With PXCom, the journey is uninterrupted, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience from start to finish.

PX2Go is a result of our years of experience and expertise, and it enables you to provide a seamless pre-, in-, and post-flight experience for your passengers, ensuring uninterrupted engagement across all touchpoints.
In addition to the integration of a comprehensive and flexible passenger portal, PXCom has also leased to Luxair several Astronics Sierra boxes, time for the B737 to be fully Exail equipped, for a faster project roll out.
PXCom, SkyWatchr: Inflight Entertainment Server Management
Sky watchr

Empower your IT team

Revolutionizing the management of your inflight servers as any other IT asset. From a centralized global dashboard to intricate update operations, SkyWatchr serves as the digital control tower for your inflight digital platforms. Seamlessly manage software, network configuration, and content updates—all from your fingertips. With SkyWatchr, streamline operations and elevate inflight experiences with unparalleled ease and efficiency.

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