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New-Gen Broadband LEO Connectivity

Reduce both Inflight Connectivity Capex (Capital Expenditure) & Opex (Operational Expenditure) with LSS’ game-changer turnkey solution. Leveraging cutting-edge "next-gen satellite constellations" like OneWeb and Kuiper, Low Earth Orbit (LEO) technology is pivotal in delivering a cost-efficient and truly connected experience with comprehensive global coverage.

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LeoSat Solutions antena to provide Inflight Connectivity to airlines' passengers.

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Inflight Connectivity Integrator: Airbus Airspace Link HBC Plus
Airbus HBC+

PXCom Official AirspaceLink Integrator

This Ka-band platform is specifically crafted for Airbus operators seeking to harness the flexible high-bandwidth connectivity solution offered by Airbus. At PXCom, we provide comprehensive support throughout every phase of your cabin and passenger projects. With our track record of integrating various Managed Service Providers such as Inmarsat and Intelsat, rest assured that we have the expertise to optimize your inflight connectivity experience.

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