Inflight content must be adapted to your flight operations: short, medium or long haul flights.


One SIZE does NOT FIT all !

First and foremost, you must integrate the right kind of content to your IFE system according to your flight operations. Why?

Because, when it comes to inflight content, airlines spend thousands USD per month, up to millions per year, to delight their passengers with the best possible content during hours of flight.
Whilst it’s a no brainer to have a minimum portfolio of movies -but not only- for long haul flights, it becomes a nonsense to have such offering for flights under two hours, unless you can organize a smart streaming feature throughout the entire journey!

Suggested methodology

For short and medium haul flights, which represent 70% of the worldwide daily flights, you need to reconsider your inflight entertainment offering.

First step: define some route segments. For example: flights under 2h00 and flights between 2 and 4 hours.

For the second step, request the help of your marketing team. They should be able to provide you with customer profiles per segment and period of the year. However, be careful, start simple! Avoid defining too many profiles/routes sub-segments.


The result of such analysis is a simple matrix:

Rows: route segments

Columns: route subsegments (e.g domestic, domestic<>Northern Europe,…)

According to the considered season (start with two), each cell of the matrix can be filled with passengers’ general information: x% business traveler, y% family, top 3 nationalities…

For each cell, adding the number of transported pax gives you the weight of importance in your content decision process.

Don’t forget the advertising component

When it comes to content consumption, you also need to consider the forecasted advertising revenues. If you expect to get significant advertising revenues out of your inflight platform, you need to ensure an average of 4 advertising exposure per flight per passenger.

Hence, how do you expect to monetize your inflight offering with 45-minute expensive TV programs on a 1H15mn flight?

In such case, you need to ensure that each “content” will be no longer than 15 to 20 mn.

Assuming your IFE software is able to display the right set of content according to the route and passenger profile, you are now ready to source the right content…at the right price!


Don’t miss our next articles dedicated to a comprehensive overview of the inflight content offering, and organizing an effective and valuable passengers’ feedback.

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