Prepare for Paris 2024 Olympic Games Digital Inflight Experience

Paris 2024 Olympics Games Digital Inflight Experience

Prepare for Paris 2024 Olympic Games Digital Inflight Experience

Are you ready for the excitement of the Paris 2024 Olympics Games? Paris gears up to host the highly anticipated 2024 Summer Olympic Games! With 206 countries expected to participate and over 10,500 athletes competing across 32 sports and 329 events, the excitement is reaching fever pitch.

With a projected 15.3 million visitors expected to flock to the capital during the event, the anticipation is palpable. As the world gears up for this monumental occasion, airlines like Air France are ramping up their services, increasing long-haul flights to accommodate the surge in travel demand. 

As travelers from around the globe converge on Paris for this historic event, airlines have a unique opportunity to enhance the inflight experience and capitalize on the excitement surrounding the Olympics.

PXTips for an Enhanced Olympic Inflight Experience

Most of your passengers will be delighted to be treated with Paris 2024 OG digital experience directly linked to the Olympics Games. Here are a few recommendations for a perfect targeted and time-framed coverage of the event on your wireless IFE / IFC platform to ensure that your passengers have a seamless and engaging digital experience onboard.

1 - Highlight Paris Flights

Operating flights to Paris? Make sure you showcase it on your portal’s homepage. Let your passengers know that they can fly with your company to immerse themselves in the excitement of the Olympics firsthand.

2 - Dedicated Event Sections

Ensure your passenger portal is flexible enough to create one or several sections dedicated to the event. Populate these sections with curated content related to the event, including schedules, athlete profiles, and behind-the-scenes footage. Make sure you promote  them all directly from your home page. 

3 - Daily News Feed

If you don’t have connectivity, create a daily-feed featuring updates from reputable content providers like France24, CNN, BBC… You can update every night your onboard servers with latest Olympics news. If ground connectivity occurs several times a day (e.g with 4G), such feed can be updated each time your aircraft touches the ground. Of course, in case of connectivity you can offer dedicated live TV.  

4 - Support National Teams

Show your support for national Olympic teams by providing dedicated content sourced from your national sports leagues. Highlight athletes, share their stories, and celebrate their achievements throughout the Games.

5 - Social Media Integration

Create a dedicated subsection in your “About Us” section to showcase your social media publications related to the Olympics. Keep passengers engaged with real-time updates and behind-the-scenes glimpses from your airline’s perspective.

6 - Targeted Advertising

Utilize your inflight advertising engine to deliver targeted ads tailored to passengers traveling to Paris. Liaise with your advertising sales house or team, and capitalize on the influx of travelers by offering destination-specific campaigns and promotions. Paris and French advertisers will be more than likely to request destination-targeted campaigns.

7 - Olympics-Themed Retail

Collaborate with your caterer to enrich your onboard retail offering with Olympics-themed goodies. Offer exclusive merchandise and souvenirs, especially on flights operating to and from Paris.

8 - Interactive Quizzes and Games

Implement interactive quizzes or games related to the Olympics on your passenger portal. Engage travelers during their flight and test their knowledge of Olympic history, sports trivia, and more.

9 - Exclusive Interviews and Footage

Provide passengers with exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes footage featuring Olympic athletes. Offer unique content that showcases the human stories behind the Games.

10 - Promote Olympic-Themed Tours

As you may have secured partnerships with local tourism board or travel agencies to offer Olympic-themed tours & activities in Paris, Encourage passengers interested in extending their stay to explore the city and immerse themselves in the Olympic spirit.


By implementing these recommendations, airlines can effectively prepare their aircraft to be able to leverage the excitement of the Paris 2024 Olympics Games to enhance the inflight experience and delight passengers. Get ready to soar to new heights with an immersive and engaging digital experience onboard. Stay tuned for more updates and innovations as we prepare for AIX Hamburg 2024!


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