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Inflight Entertainment content

A compelling portfolio of content hosted on your Inflight Entertainment (IFE) and Connectivity platform is one of the three pillars to build ​successful ancillary-generating passengers experience. The new trend is to offer your passengers a web-like experience: your IFE/C is no longer a plain screen providing Video-On-Demand! At the age of media consumption commonality, you are committed to wow your passengers.


Inflight entertainment Film content

Credits: Nello Consulting

“Blockbusters are a no-brainer”

This is what we often hear from the industry. Obviously, when speaking about long haul flights, this assertion is true. However, blockbusters are not the only video content. As Raphael, from Nello consulting mentions it:

Nowadays, content is everywhere and a good way to escape from hours of flight is to watch interesting content. Generally speaking, most of the passengers are thinking that they absolutely need to watch a blockbuster to have a good time, it’s not 100% true! Especially if we add the constraint of a short or medium-haul-flight, passengers don’t have the time to watch a full-length movie and the airline companies are often obliged to reduce the offer to some low-level documentaries. It’s not true anymore and even people will tell you that passengers are now downloading content to their smartphone before take off, it is only representing 5% of the population. What about the others? Airline companies still need to keep their passengers entertained.

Relevant contents

How? By choosing relevant content and not accepting everything. If you’ll take the time to look at it, there is plenty of categories that worth the case: 

• You’re looking to keep children quiet.? There is plenty of animation from old time to the most recent with famous brands sometimes forgotten

• You’re looking to address millennials? What about discovering the e-sport magazine with the top trends video games

• You’re looking to entertain all generations? What about adding short form awarded movies? You’ll be surprised to also recognize a famous actor or some gold nugget.

• Did you get a fan of Sports aboard? Offer the weekly highlights of the matches of several soccer teams or propose the brand new formula electric.”

There are so many hidden gems, produced by every culture, that you will be surprised…as will be your passengers! Adding on the top of that sponsored video content, and you get the perfect mix for your passengers…and your budget.


Audio content onboard inflight entertainment

Credits: Nello Consulting

Forget the traditional “Listen” section. Turn it into “Musical Experiences”. Since most of the passengers carry their own music on their device, providing them with the top charts, top classical is not always relevant. Your passengers are about to discover new cultures, new worlds, then offer them a musical glimpse of the in-destination music offering.

You can also include a handpicked selection of less-known artists that match your airline brand. Or, if you don’t have the budget, you can get such a selection sponsored by a music provider or a fragrance brand.

As the video is also a sought-after media, you can create a “music videos” subsection in which you offer the top 10 by music genre and/or add the set of trendy deejays.


Inflight entertainment games available during flight thanks to our partner Gladi8tor

Credits: Gladi8tor

Did you know that the gaming industry is one of the most dynamic industries (+11% CAGR)? Gaming is no longer a children’s activity. Most of the age groups, most of the social categories are impacted.

Wouldn’t you like to organize e-sport tournaments from one aircraft to another? Would you be looking for a branded famous car race game sponsored by your official rental car partner?

All this is now possible. We highly recommended having a real gaming strategy setup throughout the entire journey. Thanks to that, additional ancillary revenues can be driven:

• Directly from advertising and in-game upselling

• Indirectly through loyalty enhancement

To achieve such a goal, it is mandatory to phase the project, since such a strategy may involve several stakeholders in your company: IFE team, IT team, Digital Communication…

Moving Map

Inflight entertainment FlightPath3D interactive moving map available on seatback screens

Credits: FlightPath3D

Who has been bored watching the aircraft slowly progressing along its flight path? Such experience can now be dramatically improved with interactive moving maps offering a Google Maps/Google earth-like experience. Thanks to high-end interactive moving maps such as FlightPath3D, your passenger can browse, swipe, zoom, and be delighted with engaging points of interest, theme-based, that can also be sponsored. Did you know that such digital experience is one of the most sought after by the passengers?

Destination Content and Services

Destination activities cannot be missed during a travel so airlines offer destination activities onboard

Credits: PXCom

Did you know that 80% of travelers rely on their paper tourist guide during their trip to sort the best points of interest and activities that will enlighten their journey? Not only tourists are looking after in-destination activities, with the rise of leisure, but you will also delight your business travelers.

Their flight is the perfect moment to engage them with a sought-after service, especially if you also provide them with the ability to book some tickets, download discount coupons…

However, you must absolutely avoid providing them with plain user-generated content such as Tripadvisor. They can access it everywhere from their mobile, at any time when they are connected. Such content contributes to the success of your brand. Prefer offering curated content, blending cold advice with seasonal editorial recommendations for a better experience.

Digital Press

Newspapers are now digitized named Digital Press

Credits: Adaptive Chanel

Newspapers and magazines are a traditional form of entertainment for passengers, however switching to digital press now provides airlines with significant benefits. Switching to digital press provides airlines with the rare opportunity to simultaneously reduce costs and improve the passenger experience, a rare feat for any airline with budget constraints and demanding passengers!  It reduces logistical and cleaning costs associated with a printed press but most importantly by reducing the onboard weight, it reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. On the cabin front, the digital press allows passengers to be entertained on board but also at the gate and after the flight with newspapers and magazines that are always up to date and never run out.


Digital press is also an experience that passengers really enjoy in particular on short and medium haul flights which traditionally lack a proper IFE service. For airlines, digital press may be made available to passengers on any IFE systems such as Seat-back IFE and Wireless IFE but also on the passenger’s own mobile device using a cloud based service when no IFE is available (Mobile IFE)”, states Laurent SAFAR, Adaptive Channel’s CEO

It should also be mentioned that on-board reading experience passenger experience has been enhanced by the availability of high-end eReaders which allow passengers the full use of their mobile device to read their favorite newspapers and magazines in page mode as well as in article mode, a feature particularly useful with a smartphone!


There are so many more content opportunities and strategies to discover! Don’t miss our next month’s issue of PXConnect for the second part of this overview.

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