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CarTrawler 2023 Yearbook Ancillary Revenue Insights

CarTrawler 2023 Yearbook Ancillary Revenue Insights

Ancillary Revenue Soars in Airline Industry

Beyond Ticket Sales: The New Era of Airline Revenue

A shift in the wind has ushered in a transformational period for the airline industry. While ticket sales remain essential, they are no longer the lone star in the revenue galaxy.

The CarTrawler 2023 Yearbook reveals that a growing portion of the profit pie now comes directly from passengers or indirectly via enriched travel experiences, spanning from frequent flyer programs to in-flight luxuries and ingenious advertising strategies.

The Meteoric Rise of Ancillary Revenue

2022 stands as a testament to the adaptability and resilience of airlines. Amid a 43% surge in traffic, ancillary revenues rose meteorically, marking a staggering 51.3% growth. It's evident that airlines are now not just operators but trendsetters in the retail arena.

Game On: The Sky's The Limit with Gamification

The digital age continues to influence airline strategies. Taking a cue from tech trends, there's a rising potential to gamify loyalty program enrollments directly on In-Flight Entertainment systems (IFEs), enhancing passenger engagement and opening new revenue channels.

2022: The Phoenix Year for Airlines

Emerging from the ashes of the pandemic's challenges, 2022 saw airlines soaring with passenger traffic and revenue increasing by 30% and 50% respectively. Amid bustling airports, travelers' thirst for comfort has seen them incline towards luxury, be it extra legroom or priority screening. Notably, the US & Canada's airlines reigned supreme in the ancillary revenue realm, primarily powered by their magnetic loyalty initiatives.

Ancillary Revenue: The Airline Industry's Silent Powerhouse

Wizz Air's CEO, Jozsef Varardi, offers a perspective, highlighting ancillary revenue's steadfast nature as compared to fluctuating ticket sales. This revenue vein not only offers predictability but also stability, acting as a protective shield against the capriciousness of the airline business landscape. It's evident: whether through personalized services or co-branded financial instruments, ancillary revenue is the unsung hero, steadfast in storms and sunshine.

Diving into the Ancillary Treasure Chest:

- Frequent Flyer Programs: The golden goose, with revenues harvested from mile/point sales to partners and enthusiastic program members.

- A la Carte Features: Tailored offerings such as onboard sales, assigned seating, and personalized support.

- Commission-Driven Ventures: Lucrative collaborations resulting in commissions from hotel bookings, car rentals, and insurance policies.

- Sky Advertising: The vast canvas of inflight magazines and aircraft spaces for advertisers.

- Product Bundling: Curated packages, offering more than just a flight, enhancing value proposition.


The CarTrawler Yearbook stands as an encyclopedia for airlines aiming to ride the wave of ancillary revenue. In the dynamic sky of the airline business, where evolution is the only constant, ancillary revenue shines bright, promising growth and unmatched stability.

Delve into the full report  by CarTrawler.

At PXCom, we always emphasize the importance of staying abreast with such market trends, ensuring airlines are well-equipped to cater to the evolving needs of their passengers.

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