Amadeus Travel Trends 2024

Amadeus Unveils Travel Trends for 2024

In the dynamic world of travel, change is the only constant, and Amadeus, positioned at the heart of the travel ecosystem, brings forth its annual Travel Trends research, offering unparalleled insights into what the future may hold for travelers in 2024. With the latest proprietary data, industry-leading insights, and expert analysis, Amadeus identifies five compelling developments set to redefine travel experiences for the planet, the economy, and the modern traveler.


Amadeus, a central figure in the travel ecosystem, anticipates transformative developments in travel for 2024.
Here are the trends we expect to shape the travel industry in the months to come.

1. Musical Tourism Takes Off

– Post-pandemic concerts and festivals fuel a surge in musical tourism.
– Concert announcements trigger increased flight searches and short trips.
– Live concerts drive a tourism boom, exemplified by a 446% week-over-week growth in bookings to Australia after Taylor Swift’s concerts.

2. Agents of Influence

– Influencers evolve into booking facilitators through platforms like Thatch and Luxury Travel Hackers.
– “Agents of Influence” design and host group trips, allowing direct bookings via social media.
– E-commerce marketplaces streamline the process, making influencers pivotal in the travel booking landscape.

3. Electric Skyways

– Electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVTOL) aircraft and flying taxis offer eco-friendly air travel.
– Volocopter plans to deploy electric VoloCity eVTOL for the Paris Olympics in 2024.
– Initiatives like Ecocity and Toff Mobility aim to revolutionize air travel with green technologies.

4. Intelligent Concierge: Generative AI (GAI)

– Generative Artificial Intelligence transforms online travel planning.
– GAI-powered chatbots act as virtual travel assistants with hyper-personalized and intuitive capabilities.
– Expedia’s ChatGPT plug-in offers instant hotel and itinerary recommendations with booking links.

5. Business Luxe-Lite

– Airlines respond to rising business class demand with affordable “unbundled” business class fares.
– Basic business tickets without lounge access and restricted seat selection gain popularity.
– Airlines like Air New Zealand and Lufthansa innovate with varied business class options at varying prices and perks.


As we peer into the travel landscape of 2024 through the lens of Amadeus' insightful projections, a clear narrative of transformation emerges. From the harmonious notes of musical tourism to the rise of influencers turned booking facilitators, and the promising horizons of electric skyways, the journey ahead is dynamic and full of possibilities.

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