Air Dolomiti selected XPlore by PXCom for its wireless IFE system with the aim to establish a dedicated media space and create new ancillary revenue opportunities while enhancing the inflight experience for its passengers.

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Head of Inflight Product

“We are very satisfied with the cooperation with PXCom. They have implemented the destination guides within our Inflight Entertainment System very efficiently. They’ve also been very flexible in modifying a few features in order to better fit our needs”.

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Air Dolomiti approached PXCom with a requirement to deploy a destination services platform containing a dedicated media space with an aim to enhance the inflight experience for its passengers as well as generate a series of new ancillary revenue streams.


PXCom has proposed and deployed its XPlore by PXCom solution to ensure all Air Dolomiti’s requirements are met in this project. XPlore by PXCom allowed the airline to benefit from a wide range of compelling destination services for all routes in its network. The platform has been developed with several key factors in mind, including inflight experience enhancement, opening new ancillary revenue streams, full consistency in GUI integration and flexibility with regard to content and features available on board.


PXCom’ platform has significantly amplified Air Dolomiti’s onboard experience. Passengers can now enjoy a wide range of destination services listings on all routes operated by Air Dolomiti. The airline is enabled to arrange its features in accordance to seasonal changes in the route network as well as to add new sections in the interactive destination guides and sponsored videos in a highly cost-effective manner. Based on this success, Air Dolomiti has decided to roll out AirSAS, PXCom’ digital inflight ad-serving solution to open a new significant revenue stream