XPLore by PXComDeliver the right content, to the right target at the right moment directly from Cloud to Sky

The technology XPlore by PXCom

XPlore by PXCom is an on-the-shelf end-to-end software solution, fully customizable, formed of two main components

A cloud-based back office

A cloud-based back office manages all the content inputs and aggregates them in one or several automatically generated apps. The back office also offers management features that enable transportation companies to control the onboarded content, monitor the usage figures and display the generated ancillaries.



OnBoard Apps/Microsites

OnBoard Apps/Microsites aimed at being integrated into the entertainment platforms, whether seatback screens(1), w-IFE (2) or IFC portals (3).

(1) Android & Linux

(2) Wifi IFE

(3) Connectivity portal

Beyond digital content

Media Management

In partnership with DRM solution providers, XPlore by PXCom can also help you managing your media assets (Videos, Audio and Games management)

GUI Management

A dedicated feature enables you to manage dynamically the whole User Interface layout.

Digital Inflight Adserving

XPlore by PXCom integrates natively AirSAS, the unique onboard ad-serving that enables digital campaigns roll-out without any connectivity required. AirSAS manages all the advertising formats defined by the IAB (International Advertising Bureau). AirSAS, an Inflight Media Digital solution, has been developed in partnership with IMM International

Pre- and Post-flight

All the onboarded experience can be integrated into your website or mobile app

Monetization Process

PXCom has setup a proven methodology, to help you getting the best from your onboard entertainment platform, supporting your marketing team at every relevant touchpoint, from entertainment platform selection, to passengers’ communication.