Success StoriesTarom


TAROM has selected AirFi’s AirFi box to equip it whole fleet with a w-IFE solution. Creative AD agency has been mandated to manage all the project.


The solution was expected to provide:

  • An inflight ad-server to generate a significant amount of ancillary revenues
  • A compelling destination section to both leverage its passengers’ experience, and generate ancillary revenues.

The destination section had to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Full consistency in the GUI integration
  • Destination content has to be provided by PXCom and must cover 100% of the operated destinations
  • Flexibility both in the content and in the features is expected

Regarding the inflight advertising:

  • Inventory definition support is required
  • Full autonomy in the campaign creation & management is expected.


  • TAROM has been delivered on time with a compelling Destination Section
  • AirSAS the digital inflight ad-serving solution has been successfully integrated
  • The solution is now effective and able to integrate advertising partners and start generating ancillary revenues.
  • PXCom’s flexibility enables new features integration both on the ad-serving solution and the destination section

The customer’s feedback

“Airfi solution represents a great experience for passengers and an added value to TAROM’s image and services. Destination guide provides comprehensive informations for pax, but also is a space where hotels, bars & restaurants, travel agencies, etc, can be promoted. By having the ad-server “behind” the scenes, makes our work very easy”