From In-flight Entertainment to In-flight Engagement

Create value and populate your onboard entertainment platform with compelling digital “channels”

« 80% of your passengers expect destination-related information and services »

Destination section

Thanks to its partnerships with world-class travel guides editors (Arrival Guides, Lonely Planet, Insight Guides, Tripadvisor, Michelin…), PXCom offers the largest portfolio of destination content in the onboard entertainment industry. We can also process your in-house produced content.

Interactive Destination Guides
Can include sponsored content to generate ancillary revenues

  • 100% coverage of your operated destinations
  • From cost effective content to bespoke exclusive insights
  • Integrating call to action features (booking or couponing)
  • Can include sponsored content
Destination Deals
Provide your passengers with the best selection or Tours & Activities they can book onboard, and get a revenue share on it


Destination Services
Should you have inflight connectivity, offer your passengers the ability to book airport transfer, rent their car, and buy live performance tickets.


Content for your moving map

  • Populate your moving map with awesome points of interest all along your routes
  • Link your interactive moving map with your destination section

Courtesy of FlightPath3D

Corporate content

Transform your corporate section in a powerful and engaging tool for your own communication and ensure it is always up-to-date.

Corporate section
  • Pimp your fleet presentation
  • Promote your CSR policy and action plan
  • Engage your passengers with your Loyalty Program
  • Offer your official partners full digital branding space
Meals Menus
You treat your passengers with carefully drawn up meals ? Value it, and trigger upsells

  • Enlighten your meal menus presentation
  • Inform your passengers about nutritional information
  • Integrate a microsite to promote the chef
  • Offer your meals & beverage partners to promote their products onboard
  • Add a buy-on-board feature for your meals & beverage catalog

onboard media advertising inflight


Advertising content

Choose the right balance between your #PaxEx and your expected advertising revenues. We offer you the whole range of possible advertising management. In full transparency, we setup a perfect sync with your official onboard media sales team, enabling you to manage/clear/ban the campaigns,  and generate a revenue share for your company

  • Onboard programmatic advertising – No connectivity required
  • Native advertising for a full brand experience seamlessly integrated into your content
  • Sponsored onboard microsites
  • Contextual advertising
  • Banners, popups, pre-roll videos
  • Keep your data: you remain proprietary of the gathered data, even more valuable than your advertising assets.

TravelWell section

PXCom cares about passengers’ well-being thanks to its offering in partnership with Charlotte Dodson TV and Skylights. TravelWell is a personal lifestyle and wellness channel that supports passengers throughout their entire journey. TravelWell offers the latest innovation and tech advances that will provide passengers with a one-stop shop for accessing a world of wellness, wherever they go. Travel far and wide, confident in the knowledge that TravelWell has your wellness covered – to ‘feel good’ on the go.

The content is divided into four main parts to reflect the various stages of travel:

  • Pre: helping the passengers prepare for the flight with a series of simple and gentle exercises
  • During: offering a comprehensive library of basic and easy-to-follow relaxation and rejuvenation techniques
  • Inflight Experiences: enabling passengers to go through a truly inspirational experience on board thanks to content coupled with VR hardware
  • Post: presenting routines which allow passengers to reconnect and unwind, calming the nervous system after the flight.

This comprehensive approach to well-being helps passengers to rediscover their flying experience and results in many happy faces on board, even during the longest flights!


All our solutions feature:

  • Bespoke graphic user interface to match your brand experience
  • As many languages’ management as requested
  • Route-based content delivery
  • Seat category / Passenger’s profile dynamic adaptation of the content

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